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If you’ve purchased a house or condo on Mexico’s Riviera Maya, we can help!

Taking delivery of your home on the Riviera Maya can be quite challenging.

If you don't speak the language and do not have the time to travel to Mexico several times to deal with the complex delivery procedures, we are here to help…

All you need to do is sit back comfortably in your chair; meanwhile, we'll be dealing with the home inspections and sending you a full report with picture evidence so you can review all the details.

At Home Delivery Assist (HDA), we offer the following services:

  • Functionality inspections (for newly built homes, including a second ¨follow up¨ inspection)
  • Architectural reviews 
  • Pre-purchase inspections (for second-hand homes only)

Why do you need to inspect the home?

By law, the buyer has the right to arrange a walk-through inspection of newly built homes before taking possession. This is so that any problems can be flagged and fixed before closing. Each item flagged as a problem on the check-list needs to be fixed by the developer (in general within 30 days). 

The walk-through is when you can review that everything is in order, working correctly, with no functionality or cosmetic issues. Any issues need to be flagged at this stage. If you don’t inspect your property, it will be delivered as is. You will only be entitled to claim “hidden vice” issues (such as major structural defects) in the 12 months following delivery.

Advantages of using HDA for your inspections:

  • For your safety:As per the current restrictions in many countries, you may find it difficult or unsafe to travel to Mexico during the coming months/weeks. 
  • For your convenience:we are locally based professionals and flexible with our schedules. If the Real Estate company changes the delivery date at short notice, that’s not a problem, and most importantly, it will not represent an extra charge in our services!
  • For your savings:avoid spending large amounts on flights, transportation, lodging, meals, and other expenses multiple times.
  • For your comfort:forget about the language barrier, forget about headaches, we give you 100% professional service.
  • For your records:you will receive written reports and photographs after each of our visits. We have an eye for detail and won't leave anything out!
  • Long term relationship with local experts:after receiving your unit, we are available to assist you with closing services; migration paperwork; interior design and turn-key services; “hidden vice” inspections; modification, construction, and maintenance work.

For more information, please visit our website ( and contact us at for your special discount.