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You Could Be Living in Paradise Right Now…
for Half What It Costs to Stay Home
This Fall, We’ll Show You—
Step-by-Step—Exactly How…

Every so often, events transpire in just such a way that a window of
opportunity slides open somewhere in the world. Most people won’t notice. They’ll
walk right by. But when you know where to look… and have the foresight to act…
you could find yourself living better than ever before, even while you spend less…

You could double your disposable income… find that perfect second home
you’ve always dreamed of… grow your nest egg… and secure a comfortable future
both for yourself in retirement, and for your heirs…

You have more and better options overseas today than we’ve seen in
decades… whether you’re looking to shelter wealth, make money, save money, live
better for less, retire more comfortably, or simply travel the world in style without
spending a fortune…

That’s why we created a special event unlike any other, our Retire Overseas
. It’s designed to set you up with a concrete, right-there-in-your-hands,
personalized plan of action to take you from where you are to the right place for
you. The experts will walk you through how you do it—step by baby step. This
program is all about the process—the questions you need to ask, the
considerations you should make, the order in which it’s best to go about this or

At the same time, you’ll dig into a whole raft of destinations around the world
—under the careful guidance of our in-country experts. You’ll get familiar with all
kinds of places… from Panama to France… Ecuador to Ireland and Colombia…
Costa Rica to Mexico… Belize to Spain… from Thailand to Portugal, Malaysia, and
well beyond…

And, too, we’ll home in on the many other ways you can—and, arguably,
should— internationalize your life. So we’ll discuss the techniques and solutions
available to you when you’re overseas that can help you diversify your portfolio,
save on your taxes, better protect your privacy, and give you increased flexibility in
the way you travel, invest, and retire. From offshore structures to second
passports, we show you the lay of the land and introduce you to experts who can
show you what to do.

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