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Get OR Read Your Mail Online AND STOP Paying State Taxes on your Social Security and/or Pensions!!  - N/A Listing ID: 1819

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Besides Getting Your Mail or even Reading Your Mail ONLINE...
Stop paying state income taxes on your Social Security and/or Pensions to a state that you no longer live in!!

We are Americas Mailbox and we are Americas largest mail forwarding company for the markets we serve with nearly 40 people on staff working multiple shifts to help you in our 9,000 square foot building and we have been in business since 2004.

In fact, the owners themselves are full-time travelers and have been blessed with a great management team at the office. And since they knew first hand what the challenges were to get mail, built Americas Mailbox specifically for all of us. You might way, "We walk the walk...and that really does make a difference." No other company can make that claim!

Our mail forwarding company takes care of the mail for literally thousands and thousands of people like yourself, whether they travel full time or only a short time during the year. We handle more mail than most US Post Offices in the country.

Many people choose to make our "home" your "home" but it is not necessary to change your residency to use Americas Mailbox. 

We are located in South Dakota, a state with NO state income taxes and NO inheritance taxes. AND we do NOT have any personal property taxes to be paid, year after year after year...and so on.

If you have a car and need US license plates, we'll do all the leg work for you, get your plates and send them to you wherever you are...all long distance. AND you do NOT need South Dakota DL to get SD tags. In fact, we're currently doing about 17,000 vehicle registrations a year for our members.

We have no vehicle inspections, no smog inspections and when you buy a car, it's only a one-time 4% tax based on the NET purchase. And the license plates are very reasonable. For example, a brand new car, 12-month vehicle registration will only cost you about $100-125 US.

We can scan your mail so you can see what you have in your box. We can send you your mail as often you wish, wherever you wish.

To become a resident of South Dakota, you need to spend ONE night at a hotel, motel, or campground (which we have on the property for you) every FIVE YEARS!

AND we're right down the road from Mt. Rushmore and many other attractions.

Stop using relatives or friends to handle your mail. By being a resident of any other state, you are costing yourself a lot of money for absolutely no reason.

How do you join? Easy. Download our application, fill in the required forms, and email them to our office. In two business days, we'll have your account set up and you can start using your new address right away. We can't make it any easier. Everything to join or even get license plates (if you want to) is done completely...long distance.

Added Bonus:
We can even do any US Notary Services you need online as well. You no longer are forced to go to a US Embassy or Consulate. Just give us a call to set up an appointment. 

Just visit our website at

Give us a call for full details at 1-605-718-1234. Mon-Fri, 9-5, Mountian

Check us out. It doesn't cost you anything to only costs if you don't learn.