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VILCABAMBA, ECUADOR 2-3 acres, commercial, City appr. $940, 000, most Beautiful Land in this Valley of Longevity. Sacrifice @ $480,000us.  - $480,000 USD Listing ID: 1940

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This is the most Beautiful Property in Vilcabamba, which boasts some of the oldest- documented-living people in the world. Ecuador was home to the world’s verified oldest person, Maria Capovilla, 116 yrs. until her death in the port city of Guayaquil in 2006, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.  Own  9180m2, Located at the entrance with the main highway on one side and the River Uchima on the other.  To the N is the River Chamba w.  a Catholic Nunnery on the North side.  Village center is a lovely 10 min walk to the S. along a tiled walkway away from the traffic.

As you can see on the original map, the property is 11,800 sq m, but the river moved.  it can be easily moved back.  It is fenced and partially sidewalked.  The caretaker is Sr. Fernando Cortes, who resides in the family 'Hosteria de Vilcabamba' across the main highway & he can give you all particulars.  This is his email address:    

I highly recommend the lovely Hosteria de Vilcabamba with dining room service and pool/ steam sauna and  Zoilita’s beautiful rose gardens.  
My favorite airline is American, flying thru Guayaquil and then to Loja via a national airline and finally by taxi to the valley of longevity -  it's True!  We have been visiting this valley for 25 years and the people do not seem to age!

I will always love this enchanted valley with it's lovely people, healthy food, most beautiful weather in all of Ecuador, (Karina's massage for $12) & of course, many expats  The only reason we are considering selling is because I do Frequency Matching Science and it is becoming more difficult to  find space devoid of electrical interference, which interferes with my testing.  This property could be subdivided, a luxury home, or a commercal condo or maximarket - endless possibilities.

Note: Ecuador has had a democratic government for nearly 50 years (definitely more democratic than Canada at present).  It is 90% Catholic, with down-to-earth, sweet people.  More natural, healthy living and the people are what keep calling me back.  I believe one can build a beautiful home for $100,000 or less.
ph 1-250-827-7777/ email: