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"LIVING ABROAD is a useful, honest, laugh-out-loud funny guide for anyone who’s considering a move from the United States to a new country. The author's years of experience both as an expat and as a writer make for a book that is truthful, realistic, funny, and sensitive. Even though I’m not currently planning to move overseas (although now I’d seriously consider it!), .... truly a pleasure to read. " Elizabeth P., Elite Editor

Although good numbers are hard to calculate, reliable sources estimate that more than 3 million Americans each year decide to try living in another country. Most of them are not making a political statement; some move abroad for economic reasons, some to start a new life or “re-invent” themselves, and some are just seeking new experiences. In the wake of COVID-19 and contentious politics, that number is likely to increase.

With over 200 published articles in the international travel/retirement field, three books about travel, a dozen presentations at international retirement conferences on his resumé, and six years living in Ecuador, the author is uniquely qualified to bring you an unvarnished look at the challenges, pitfalls, and possible rewards of expat life. This is not a how-to book, or even a why-to. Instead it is an honest look at some of the questions and myths about living overseas, using entertaining and informative real-life examples to illustrate what is true and what is not so true. The goal is to provide the reader with the good and the bad – not to persuade you to become an expat or not – but to give you enough insight to decide what might be best for you.

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