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Escape to Belize The Laid-Back Little Caribbean Country of Belize Has It All……  - $99 USD Listing ID: 1859

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A stable, democratic government, easy residence options,
inexpensive beach properties, very few taxes… It's easy to

work online or start a business…and English is the official

And Belize Wants U.S. Retirees…


Dear Reader,

Leave your watch behind because you won't need it. And toss away your shoes while you're at it–a bathing suit is the only wardrobe requirement, and even that's only a suggestion. Spend your afternoon chasing a fish or two or nursing an ice-cold beer, and call that a good day's work…

There's a little country in the Caribbean… a new country, in fact, having just gained its independence in 1981. Less than 380,000 people live here… in the entire country! And the vast majority...more than 74% of them...are under 30 years of age. They can use the kind of experience you have to offer and they're throwing open arms to North American retirees.

This is a place where palm trees sway in rhythm with the gentle waves of clear warm waters caressing soft white sands.