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       You may have looked at this before, but not through my eyes.
        This is a rather long email. Please visit
         and watch all 7 videos.  They explain the program very well.
         And, please read this note to the end.
         If you are truly seeking a program that will permit you to substantially supplement your income, or substantially replace it, Welcome.
I have been involved for 16 months and would be happy to share my experience with CTS.
Time is a very precious commodity, and not something to take for granted.
This program has been life altering for myself and my family. As it has been for thousands of others.
I feel blessed and hope to help as many others as possible to achieve the success they deserve.
There are only 2 requirements for success, TELL THE TRUTH and ANSWER YOUR PHONE.
If I can support your efforts, I am available to answer any and all questions,
David. (917) 664-4536.
I work with people who, like me, feel there must be something more.

People, who feel in their heart, that they are destined for something Better, something Bigger.

It must have a proven history of success, and a dedicated support group of successful people, people whose goals align with theirs.

What are your goals?
And what do you hope to achieve for yourself and your family?

Said in friendship,
David. (917) 664-4536
Read on,

I have been involved with this program since July 23, 2020.

It has been life altering for both myself and my family.
I promise you, I am no one special, I cannot sell ice cubes to eskimos.

But, if you are willing to share 10 minutes with me on the phone, or even request some answers to questions you may have via email, my story could become your story.

And all you have to do, is follow my lead.

Please visit:        
and look at all 7 videos as an opportunity to change your life situation ($$$$$and Time).
My best to you and your family in health and prosperity.
David. (917) 664-4536


I promise to be direct and transparent and provide you with the information you request.

One call and one conversation and then at least you'll know you are not selling yourself short.

The sooner we talk, the sooner you'll know.

I enrolled in this program July 23, 2020.
I was working a 65 hour week.

Today, I work a 15-20 hour week (my choice).
I left my work position November 1, 2020 and since then, this is all I do.
My wife and I travel extensively, I can work from anywhere in the world.  
Since March of this year I have averaged $20,000./ month, every month.
The monies I receive are gifts, and hence NON-TAXABLE.

A smart person would take a good look at this.
This program is real, and I am living proof to the possibilities.
This program has a 20 year history, is simple and it works.
I will do all the heavy lifting for you, until YOU  are comfortable and have received monies.

A smart person would take a good look at this.

David. (917) 664-4536
As with any program like this, there are some things you need to be aware of.
1. How long has the person been in the program?
2. What level of success has he/she had?
3. Can they document their success?
4. What kind of support can you expect, and for how long?
5. How long has the program been in existence, and have they changed their name,
    or rebranded.
6. Is the person still working, or has their success with CTS enabled them to leave their work position.
I have been very fortunate. And I believe in giving back. So I work this program taking responsibility for everyone I enroll. That being said, I will leave you with:
  I will keep this real simple.

You understand money.
I am offering you an opportunity to create a tax-free opportunity.
An opportunity to supplement your income until you see that this will actually replace your income.
I ask my new people to permit me to do everything for them.
I place the ads, pay for the ads, work the leads, and will get you QUALIFIED to receive monies, and then receive monies, all in the first 4-6 weeks.
Once you are receiving monies, you will have a whole new respect for the system.
I am available to talk, anytime.
David. (917) 664-4536
As I promised, simple.
 You have my number.    (917) 664-4536
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