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Are you currently approaching 55 + and looking to retire in the next 5 to 10 years? Does retirement seem more like a dream than a reality because of no realistic or underfunded retirement plan? Is your retirement plan going to allow you to live the lifestyle you have come to appreciate during your working career? Do you feel like you will need more Cash Flow Now, and in the future? Would an additional $500 to $3,500 weekly help. If you are not where you need to be there is good news, it’s not too late. It is very possible, and attainable to make up for those years of unplanned expenses that kept you from your dream of a comfortable retirement. Your life experience is valued, wanted, and appreciated! Must/ have * Good communication skills * 10-12 hours per week. * Have a computer. * Phone with nationwide service * Like helping and directing people to information Are you looking for a real work from home opportunity? Would you be open to working with our group and learning how you can drive more cash into your bank account, every month, every week and every day? This is so much more than a stimulus check will ever be. Has the Pandemic caused you to reevaluate your working life now, and for the future, and the way you receive money? Have you ever really thought there must be a better way to live your life, and stop living paycheck to paycheck? Most likely this world crisis will end, and when it does, do you really want to go back to where you were before? Is it going to give you the life you really want to live anyway? Will there be anything to go back to? We have NO products to sell, this is not MLM, and we don’t chase, try to convince or overcome objections. We have an ingenious system that works for us. We are a select group of like-minded individuals, all dedicated to success. 5 figure months are very doable for members of our group, and can be received quickly, and we invite you to see what is really happening every day. We have 20 years of Success! We are professional and are serious about what we do. We all understand that freedom is not free; it does take some money to start, there is no such principal in the universe as something for nothing. If that keeps you from finding out more, then you most likely will never know the difference, so only call if you are serious about this life changing opportunity. Think about this for a minute, why would you keep doing the same thing that continues to keep you in the same place, when the answer is right here in front of you? Here’s the chance for you to never have to go back to a traditional job again. This is true freedom, and the opportunity for you to escape the corporate trap. All you must do is step up and say YES, I want this! We have a proven and successful system already in place, that will generate immediate cash for you in a completely different way, and it will come to you directly. You will not have to reinvent the wheel. We will show you how to do this every step of the way. You must be willing to talk to people that are interested in what we have, and simply direct them to the information. SIMPLE! There is a reason you are reading this, it may very well be you're being offered a life changing opportunity, but only if you choose to seize that lifeline. Many people from all walks of life are now living a life without the everyday worries of bills, job insecurity, and are gaining the time freedom they deserve, and are building financial abundance. You have to be willing to go to our website to get all the details and, then call me to find out more. Remember how I said we have an ingenious system that works for us? This is a real opportunity for you to dramatically change your life. DARE TO DREAM, IT'S HEALTHY FOR YOU. I promise to be direct and transparent and provide you with the information to help you make an intelligent decision about this program. I will answer ANY and ALL questions you may have. I promise you I am easy to talk with. THIS IS ABOUT YOUR NEEDS AND WANTS, NOT MINE. One call and one conversation and then at least you’ll know you’re not selling yourself short. This program has been life altering for me and my family. The sooner we talk the sooner you’ll know. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS THE ONLY AD WHERE YOU ARE PROVIDED A FULL NAME, E-MAIL, AND CELL PHONE. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN CREATING A FUNNEL TO COLLECT NAMES, I AM INTERESTED IN THOSE WHO ARE READY TO CHANGE THEIR LIFE. David (917) 664-4536